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A short selection of some of my favourite pictures shown at the Daily photo of Crete in the last few years
The outskirts of Kissamos and the White MountainsThe island of GramvousaThe lagoon of Balos in winterThe lagoon of Balos in winterAn early morning boat ride in Balos BaySummer on Balos beachFalasarna beachFalasarna beach in winterEarly morning at ElafonisiThe village of LoutroSweet Water Beach in winterFishing boat leaving Chania harbour at sunriseChania harbour at sunriseA storm in ChaniaAncient cobbled path crosssing the gorge of AradenaPassing below cliffsMidsummer sunrise in the heart of the White MountainsWinter sunset above the gorge of SamariaSummer sunset in the White MountainsDescending from Pachnes at sunset